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Lydia Clay

Lydia Clay Development Partner

Lydia Clay is a Development Partner at Mathias Partners, where she identifies acquisition opportunities and executes development and construction projects across various product types. With her extensive experience in real estate and in-depth market insights, she successfully brings complex projects to fruition, shepherding them through the full development cycle.

Prior to joining Mathias Partners, Lydia served as a Project Principal leading for-sale condominium projects at Momark Development, and most recently, as Senior Director of Development overseeing the Texas multi-family division for Ledcor Properties. Under her leadership, she has developed, designed, and constructed over 2500+ housing units, including single-family homes, mid-rise, and high-rise developments.

Lydia is passionate about design and sourcing materials to ensure beautiful and profitable projects. Her leadership in the field has earned her numerous awards and record-setting projects in the market.

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